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Evaluation of the effect of profile modifications in gears subjected to sudden torque inversion

Bruzzone, Maggi, Marcellini, Rosso and Delprete – IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering


Test Bench for Static Transmission Error Evaluation in Gears

Rosso, Bruzzone, Maggi, Marcellini – SAE International

Influence of Micro Geometry Modification on Gear Dynamics

Rosso, Bruzzone, Maggi, Marcellini – SAE International


Proposal of a Novel Approach for 3D Tooth Contact Analysis and Calculation of the Static Transmission Error in Loaded Gears

Bruzzone, Maggi, Marcellini, Rosso, Delprete – Structural integrity Procedia

A proposal for semi-analytical model of teeth contact with application to gear dynamics

Rosso, Bruzzone, Maggi, Marcellini – JSAE/SAE 2019


On the Implementation of Metastructures in Rotordynamics

Rosso, Bonisoli, Bruzzone – Rotating Machinery, Vibro-Acoustics & Laser Vibrometry


Influence of Actual Static Transmission Error and Contact Ratio on Gear Engagement

Oliveri, Rosso, Zucca – Nonlinear Dynamics

On the Veering Phenomenon Potential in High Speed Gears Design

Bonisoli,  Bruzzone, Rosso – Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing

Could the Veering Phenomenon be a Mechanical Design Instrument?

Rosso, Bonisoli, Bruzzone – Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing


An Unified Framework for Studying Gear Dynamics Through Model Reduction Techniques

Rosso, Bonisoli – Special Topics in Structural Dynamics

Benchmark of the Rotordynamics Capabilities of the Most Prominent Finite Element Method Software

Bruzzone, Rosso – International Journal of Mechanics and Control


Crossing and Veering Phenomena in Crank Mechanism Dynamics

Bonisoli, Marcuccio, Rosso – Topics in Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification

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