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We are a company that develops innovative tools and solutions for the mechanical design. We are specialized in static and dynamic design, FE linear and non-linear simulations, rotordynamics and experimental analysis.

GeDy TrAss Software

We commercialize GeDy TrAss, our innovative software for the design of high-performance mechanical components. GeDy TrAss is based on two main tools: GearDraft, useful during the blank-sheet pre-design of a mechanical transmission, automatically generates a CAD/FEM interfaceable with other commercial softwares and OptiMicro, for the micro-geometrical optimization in static and dynamic conditions. The aim of GeDy TrAss is to provide optimized gears both for durability and Noise, Vibration and Harshness phenomena (NVH).

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We provide different types of consulting, according to your challenges:

  • Gear and NVH

  • Design

  • Structural Dynamics

  • Tools and Algorithms

  • Test Bench Design

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Experimental Analysis

We provide experimental analysis on a self-designed testbed for the evaluation of stresses and quasi-static transmission error (STE), intended as the difference between the actual position of the gears under load and the theoretical one. The experimental structure can test spur, helical, bevel and spiral-bevel gears, thanks to its flexible design and layout.

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