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We offer consultancy on mechanical components design to ensure high-performances product with lower design and production risks by using innovative tools and solutions.

Mechanical component design and NVH

Technological progress and the increasingly strict polluting emissions’ regulatory make it necessary to have a design aimed to mass reduction and component optimization with the final goal of reducing the CO2 production.  The team has been working for years in the mechanical design field and has had the opportunity to deal with leader companies in this area, paying particular attention to the dynamic phenomena that are the main source of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). We assist our customer starting from the design process, up to the virtual validation and prototyping. We support to streamline the design process of any mechanical system through the utilization of specific tools developed by our engineers. The goal is to guarantee time and cost reduction and obtain optimized and effective components. We range from the usage of analytical codes which integrate regulations in force, to FEM models that simulate the interactions between all the components of the mechanical system.

Gearbox virtual model
Gearbox breakage due to bearings misalignment

Structural dynamics and failure analysis

Frequently during the machinery design phase not enough attention is paid to the interactions of the components of the mechanical system and this leads to a premature break up compared to the forecast. In GeDy TrAss we create complex models to understand the causes of the failure and we provide to our clients detailed stress and strain analysis, structural dynamics, and fatigue analysis. We offer consulting to industrial, automotive and aerospace companies that need support in these topics. We integrate the methodologies provided by the standards with internally developed tools useful to simulate modal analysis, rotordynamics phenomena, linear and nonlinear finite element analysis.

Test bench design

We assist companies in the design of experimental and industrial test benches with different purposes, for instance material characterization, component stress and deflection and vibration analysis. Thanks to the experience gained through the design and exploitation of test bed during research activities at Politecnico di Torino, GeDy TrAss counts on a network of companies specialized in the realization of high precision mechanical systems and components.

Test bench model

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